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Services And Rates

Massage 30 mins – $30 | 60 mins – $50

The Benefits of Massage:
In an age of technical and, at times, impersonal medicine, massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. So what exactly are the benefits to receiving regular massage and/or bodywork treatments?

- Increases circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.

- Stimulates the flow of lymph, the body’s natural defense system, against toxic invaders. For example, in breast cancer patients, massage has been shown to increase the cells that fight cancer.

- Increased circulation of blood and lymph systems improves the condition of the body’s largest organ – the skin.

- Relaxes and softens injured and overused muscles

- Reduces spasms and cramping

- Increases joint flexibility.

- Reduces recovery time, helps prepare for strenuous workouts and eliminates subsequent pains of the athlete at any level.

- Releases endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller – and is being used in chronic illness, injury and recovery from surgery to control and relieve pain.

- Reduces post-surgery adhesions and edema and can be used to reduce and realign scar tissue after healing has occurred.

- Improves range-of-motion and decreases discomfort for patients with low back pain.

- Relieves pain for migraine sufferers and decreases the need for medication.

- Provides exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles and reduces shortening of the muscles for those with restricted range of motion

Therapeutic Swedish Massage:
30 mins – $30
60 mins – $50
90 mins – $80
Sometimes referred to as “classic massage,” this is one of the most popular massages, using long, even and flowing strokes to reduce the pain of aching muscles and alleviate tension throughout the body. These strokes, along with kneading, tapping and vibration not only produce excellent results but feel great, too.

Deep Tissue massage:
30 mins – $30
60 mins – $50
90 mins – $80
A therapeutic approach that works deeply into the muscles and connective tissue. This technique is useful in treating chronic pain, inflammation and injury.

Mother-To- Be Massage:
30 mins – $30
60 mins – $50

Enjoy a full body massage to ease aches, reduce fatigue, improve skin elasticity, reduce swelling and lessen anxiety. Enjoy this experience of total relaxation.
*High risk pregnancy/medical complications should consult with physician before massage.

Jin Shin (Energy Work) 30 mins – $30 | 60 mins – $60

JIN SHIN is the Art of releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms in the body. Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked, this damming effect may lead to discomfort or even pain. This blockage or stagnation will not only disrupt the local area but will continue and eventually disharmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow.

Through Jin Shin Jyutsu our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that we are endowed with the ability to harmonize and balance ourselves (in rhythm with the universe) physically, mentally and spiritually.

Chakra Clearing/Balancing $20

Chakras enrich the performance of an individual, and awaken the spiritual side. Wheels of light located along the spine up to the crown of the head. They are in charge of physical, spiritual, and mental function, with each chakra having a different color. Some health advantages of balanced chakras include increasing mental agility, keeping the mind and body healthy, and promoting happiness. It is theorized that people who are preoccupied with material possessions are functioning with lower chakras than those who are spiritually connected.

Foot Reflexology 30 mins – $30

Reflexology is a science based on the principle that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to every organ, gland, and body part. The physical act of applying specific pressure using thumb, finger, and hand techniques result in stress reduction which causes positive physiological change in the body.

Reflexology uses specific touch techniques of applying pressure, using your thumb and fingers, to reflex points of the feet and hands. Each foot has over 7,200 nerve endings (reflexes), 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. A typical treatment includes applying pressure to specific reflex points that have relations to each and every organ and all parts of the body. This type of therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving your circulation, which reduces your body tension.

Benefits Of Reflexology:

Reflexology promotes balance and normalization of the body naturally. Reflexology reduces stress and brings about relaxation. This relaxation in turn improves circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This improves the body’s ability to heal itself. Other benefits of reflexology include; improved immune system, increased energy and stamina levels, more restful sleep and improved digestion and elimination.

Ionic Foot Baths 30 mins – $25

Ionic foot baths cleanse the body of impurities such as toxins, wastes, and metals to improve the immune system while creating a spa experience. It also allows the body to absorb vitamins better. Many who have tried the treatment have experienced improved skin tone and faster weight loss, along with improved joint pain.


Cupping & Massage$60 / 60 minutes
Cupping & Massage$40 / 30 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$50 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$30 / 30 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$80 / 90 minutes
Energy Work$30 / 30 minutes
Jin Shin Jyutsu$60 / 60 minutes
Jin Shin Jyutsu$30 / 30 minutes
Reflexology$30 / 30 minutes
Swedish Massage$50 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$80 / 90 minutes
Swedish Massage$30 / 30 minutes